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Former Sheriff’s Deputy Takes Over As Director of Human Assistance

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

"Another white man to manage services serving mostly women and BIPOC folxs"

Former Sheriff’s Deputy Takes Over Director of Human Assistance Welp, another sad day for equity in Sacramento County.

Against the wishes of the community, former Deputy Sheriff Ethan Dye, now holds the position of Director of Human Assistance. This seems in line with Ann Edwards' goal of cracking down on welfare recipients.

Dozens of community leaders and organizations wrote the Council demanding an equitable approach be taken for this very important position. Public comment also supported the community’s mistrust of Ethan Dye.

Every member of the board shared how happy they were to be appointing someone the community is not comfortable with.

Former Deputy Sheriff Ethan Dye is now responsible for delivering benefits to 582,000 of our most vulnerable community members.

Because of systemic injustices, Black and Brown folx make up the majority of the populations within jail and public assistance programs. Once again a room full of white people are upholding the systems that keep us down, and using our tax dollars to do it.

Ethan is now the 56th highest paid employee in the city. Making $102 per hour / $213,387 annually. Meanwhile the average county employee makes less than ½ of that at $81,066.


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