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Events, Alerts, and Opportunities - June 2022!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

June newsletter special addition:

Community Call-Outs

Sacramento County did not give staff the day off for Juneteenth. Keep in mind that this is the same County that declared racism a public health crisis. Soooooo...yeah, there's not much else to say.


Loloee lied about his residence and actually lives in granite bay, but has voted from his Sacramento address and seems to have tried to cover it up.

As of writing this post, Loloee has officially agreed to an independent investigation of his residency claims.

Stay tuned! Learn more in the article linked here.


Community alerts!

SJPC event! Check out our third ARPA-centric Facebook Chit-Chat!

At this Chit-Chat (recording linked here), we were joined by the amazing April Jean, Director of California COVID Justice at Public Health Advocates, as well as an impressive crew of budget-justice activists, for a conversation about their upcoming Day of Action and their goal of getting community to advocate for Sac County to prioritize racial equity and housing solutions when allocating ARPA funds!

Check out an ARPA funding distribution update in the PHA video below!


The number of people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento has increased over the past three years, according to the new Point-in-Timecount released by Sacramento Steps Forward.

The PIT count found 9,278 people living without homes in Sacramento County — a 67 percent increase from the last PIT count, conducted in 2019.

Text drawn from a Sac City News post - linkedhere.


From our friends at the Sacramento Homeless Union:

Lawsuit Filed 06/24/2022 on behalf of the Unhoused Community

June 24, 2022

"Judge denies TRO but sets hearing on Homeless Union motion for an injunction to protect the unhoused from deadly heat." The Sacramento Homeless Union is disappointed by the decision of the district court to deny our motion for a temporary order filed on 6/23/22, regarding the failure of the City and County of Sacramento to take measures to protect the unsheltered from the extreme heat we continue to face.

However, we are encouraged that the Court has set a hearing on our motion for July 8, 2022. We will, therefore, be focusing the next two weeks on gathering the evidence with which we hope to convince the Court that a mandatory injunction is necessary to protect the unsheltered from extreme heat in Sacramento.

In particular, the Court indicated it would require evidence showing, for example, that the City is planning the imminent destruction of encampments currently shaded from triple-digit temperatures. We intend to present such evidence -- and more -- to show that the City and County must offer more than a handful of part-time cooling centers; more than pushing the homeless onto the sweltering streets and sidewalks; more than locking the unhoused into the City’s dangerously overheated “Safeground” tents.

But we need your help to make the case.

We call upon the people of Sacramento, the media, the church, elected officials -- and in particular, those organizations that claim they are against the sweeps and on the side of the homeless -- to join our lawsuit, to help gather the evidence we need, to sign declarations and be prepared to testify to the failures of the City and County to protect those most at risk for heat-related injury and death.

We say to those who recite the names of the dead on Homeless Memorial Day: STAND UP to end homeless deaths on the street; walk the walk and not just talk the talk."


A 24/7 respite center for the unhoused?

"Mayor Steinberg said...that he intends to introduce a resolution to the City Council to open the former Powerhouse Science Center on Auburn Boulevard as a 24/7 respite center and navigation hub for people experiencing homelessness." Text taken from the announcement article linked here.

Will this actually amount to anything meaningful?? I guess we'll see! We'll do our best to keep you up to date! Stay tuned!


Text from Nor Cal Resist posting:

"Join us for an important training on joining our accompaniment network for asylum seeking folks in Northern California. This network is the backbone of all of our work, and the more volunteers, the easier it is on everyone! We'll also be training folks on how to post an ICE bond. Posting bond is another easy way to get involved in our work. No RSVP required." Learn more at the Nor Cal Resist website linked here.


Action Alerts!

Update from Dr. Kadhir Raja:

Please share this UPDATED video by Eddie Williams everywhere with as many people as possible, who care about the youth and our community, especially urban communities of color.


Apply to be a member of the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission!

Description from SCPRC website: The Sacramento Community Police Review Commission is established to provide community participation in reviewing and recommending police department policies, practices, and procedures, and to monitor the implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of city policing initiatives and programs.

Follow this link to the application!


Sac City is looking to hire a new Fire Chief - let the City know what qualities you're looking for in a Fire Chief by filling out this survey.


Sacramento County’s Wellness Crisis Call Center and Response Team is accepting applications for their Advisory Committee. The role of this committee will be to make program recommendations and review outcomes regarding the WCCCRT and the committee will also assist County Behavioral Health Services with transparency and provide connection to the community. Link to application here.


Aaaaaaand finally, sign up to attend one or more


Exercise your political power and attend a public meeting in our community. Remember you can watch the recordings if you do not have time to watch live. Do you plan on attending any of these meetings? If so, let us know.

You can find all meetings on SJPC's calendar linked here.

Sacramento City Council

7/19/22 @ 5p

7/26/22 @ 2p & 5p

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

7/12/22 @ 9:30a

7/13/22 @ 2p

7/26/22 @ 9:30a

7/27/22 @ 6p

To sign up to attend a meeting CLICK HERE!


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