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Community Meeting field report! February 2023 edition.

Welcome to SJPC's first Community Meeting field report!

We'll be bringing you these updates each month following our Community Meetings so that, even if you couldn't make the meeting, you can catch up with other Sacramentans involved in social justice work.

SJPC staff pictured above - left to right: Andi Bianchi (Program Manager), Sarah Rabanales (Community Outreach Coordinator), Kula Koenig (Founder)

These events are designed to give us the opportunity to get to know the work y'all are doing in the community, learn how SJPC can assist in that work, and to share our efforts and vision with y'all!

So what went down at the Feb meeting?

We talked about schools and education equity!

  • Did you know that the Twin Rivers Unified School District's Police Department has a history of conducting spontaneous searches of students using their K9 unit? Our community wants to know if these searches are still taking place! Please feel free to reach out if you have any knowledge in this area at: OR on our socials

  • We discussed the importance of our schools' Local Control Accountability Plan (or LCAP) for ensuring the funding given to school districts is being used in ways that best serve the students & best meet their needs

    • It's important to keep an eye on these - we learned from one community member that during the COVID pandemic, TRUSD was using funds to pay the salaries of its police officers, and housing those payments in the LCAP under "student achievement"

    • This was only rectified after mobilization & push back from the community

    • Unfortunately, calling something an accountability plan doesn't ensure accountability - the voice of the community is crucial in these conversations

  • We learned about the importance of School Site Councils - every school has one, and they are in charge of approving annual plans/budgets at the individual school site (very important things)

    • Community members have seen multiple examples of these Councils directly violating rules regarding publicly posting meeting calendars & agendas - they are not made readily available, not consistently posted online, and sometimes are ONLY posted as a physical flyer inside the basically the opposite of giving adequate public notice

    • If this has been a concern for you it is highly encouraged that you contact your school & demand that they follow the law

We learned about an important City Commission!

  • The Sacramento City Council's Ethics Commission is doing accountability work in regard to elected & appointed City officials

  • Below is the Commission's purpose according to their website:

The Sacramento City Council established the Sacramento Ethics Commission to review and consider complaints against elected and appointed City officials and to ensure that those officials are conforming their conduct to the City’s laws and policies.
  • Their website is available should you need to submit a complaint

  • SJPC will be working to cover these Commission meetings more closely going forward - stay tuned for important updates!

And we talked about Sac County's new Department of Homeless Service and Housing

  • On November 15th, 2022, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors (BOS) unanimously voted to create the Department of Homeless Services and Housing (DHSH) - read SJPC's recent blog post on this Department

  • In Sacramento the central governmental partners around homelessness are the City of Sac (Department of Community Response), County of Sac (DHSH, Department of Health Services), Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA, Sacramento Steps Forward)

    • According to their website, the mission of the DHSH is: [DHSH] will endeavor that homelessness in our community is rare overall and brief when it occurs and that clients are served with dignity, respect, and compassion ​​

  • Interested in helping this department succeed in its mission?

    • Contact them and ASK FOR:

      • A strategic plan

      • A plan for budget accountability

We wrapped up the meeting with a lovely original poem from one of our community members, thank you all for taking some time on your weekend to share your wonderful projects, thoughts, and insights with us <3

The more we are able to understand and support each other, the more effective we become as a force pushing to ensure that those most impacted by social inequities are equipped to shape the solutions necessary for a socially just Sacramento! Together we can work smarter, not harder!

SJPC's next Community Meeting in on MARCH 19TH from 1-2:30P

Location TBD, keep an eye on our socials for more details & if you are subscribed to our email list you will receive a notification there as well.

Not subscribed? SIGN UP HERE

We'd love to see you there!

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