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City Council votes to put Strong Mayor on the November ballot

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

For those that missed the latest episode of the Sacramento City Council Chronicles and haven’t watched the news, read the newspaper, haven’t listened to the radio or logged onto social media, let us take this time to update you.

On August 4 during yet another five hour marathon meeting, Sacramento City Councilmembers voted 6 to 3 to put the Sacramento Mayoral Accountability and Community Equity Act of 2020 on the November 2020 ballot. Jay Schenirer, Rick Jennings, Eric Guerra, Angelique Ashby, Steven Hansen and the Mayor voted yes, while Larry Carr, Allen Warren and Steven Harris Voted no. This meeting was not without frustration, disagreements, questioning, and skepticism which were heard from the 40 plus residents who called in and waited patiently for hours to voice their opposition to the Mayor’s proposal.

There were some residents that supported the proposal and most were associated with business associations, trade unions and Build. Black. Comments from those who opposed ranged from complete rejection of the Mayor’s proposal to requesting the Strong Mayor component be separated from the equity and inclusive economic development and youth services components.

We must note that an additional 157 residents emailed their comments into the Counsel on this issue with 152 in opposition, and only 5 in support. One key highlight was Councilmember Carr using PowerPoint to teach a lesson to those on the Council that may have forgotten over time what US local Government consists of and a review of the actual role of the Mayor, Council and City Manager. For good measure he also called out the fact that Mayor Steinberg expended considerable city resources to have city staff work on re-drafting the city charter to include his proposals without getting the consent of the Council, once again calling the accountability of the Mayor into question.

So what’s next?

Yes, the Sacramento Mayoral Accountability and Community Equity Act of 2020 will be on the ballot in November 2020. But there is still action that is being taken by community organizations who are committed to ensuring the issues of equity and inclusive economic development are not lost in the fight for power of City Government.

A strong opposition campaign is being led by Organize Sacramento, Sac Fire, and other groups who want strong communities, not strong mayor. Stay tuned for more ways to get involved in the campaign.

Now is the time for everyone to get involved, get active, use the power of your voice and hold the Mayor and the Council accountable for the changes we demand to see in our City.

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