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Catch up with the Police Review Commission!

Big thanks to Mario Guerrero from the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission (SCPRC) for the write-up!

The SCPRC just wrapped up its last meeting on December 13, 2021, with the adoption of recommendations from the 5 following Ad Hoc Committees – Crowd and Riot Control and De-scalation Ad Hoc Committee, Community Engagement and Media Policy Ad Hoc Committee, Budget Ad Hoc Committee, Mental health/Alternative Response Ad Hoc Committee, and LGBTQ+ Policy Ad Hoc Committee.

Among the recommendations adopted by these 5 Ad Hoc Committees are:

  • Sacramento Police Department (SPD) should ensure that they are able to report out costs by program and should adopt measurable goals for all programs.

  • SPD should adopt a General Order (GO) for Crowd and Riot Control. This policy should have language addressing that, when a dispersal order is given, officers must give protesters a clear escape route with clear instructions while also prohibiting their officers from using rubber bullets, chemical irritants, tear gas, bean bag rounds, mace, batons and other less lethal weapons during protests. These items can cause serious harm.

  • SPD should amend their media GO to protect freedom of the press the highest extent possible and include language that describes how media can get their work should it be seized and remove language around the credentialing of media.

  • SPD should adopt a GO as recommended by the Commission on how SPD should interact with the Transgender and gender non-conforming community.

  • The City should come up with a plan to transition SPD Crisis Intervention Team activities to the Department of Community Response (DOCR) as well as increasing the DOCR’s budget.

In addition to the 2021 recommendations, there are still many Commission recommendations yet to be taken up by The Sacramento City Council from 2018, 2019, and 2020.

A recent Sacramento City Auditor’s report agrees with Commission members that the city MUST ADOPT a process by which the City Council formally considers all recommendations and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the SCPRC as well as Office of Public Safety Accountability, and requires SPD to be responsive to the Commission.

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