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CA Teacher of the Year Fired; No Reason Given

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Yo parents want to know why the principal who was helping their kids improve by leaps and bounds was fired with no reason given...Twin Rivers USD got some explainin to do

Do you see these credentials?

  • a celebrated principal

  • former CA Teacher of the year

  • founder of a successful mentoring program that connects kids to culturally responsive mentors

  • author and featured in documentaries-one produced by the CEO of one of Sacramento's most prominent foundations

So when we heard that Dr. Kadhir Raja was fired without any reason given to the public we were perplexed. We were even more perplexed when we saw a Board of Trustees meeting packed full of parents, students, and supporters on Tuesday, May 24th sharing stories of how Dr. Raja helped students and demanding his reinstatement with NO RESPONSE from the Board

An account from parents and students at the May 24th board meeting:

How is this transparency? How does this build trust with parents who now feel the district has put up another obstacle to their child's progress.

No board member disputed the positive impact of Dr. Raja's program.

So what's the deal Twin Rivers? Make it make sense. Either provide a credible reason for why you fired Dr. Raja or reinstate the man.

What YOU can do:

Parents and community members are holding a rally at the TRUSD Board meeting on Tuesday, June 14th at 5:30PM at 5117 Dudley Blvd.

The entire backstory.....#AllTheTea

Contact: Sascha Vogt

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