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Budgeting Basics with SPD

At the beginning of every city council meeting they have the consent calendar. This is where they lump a bunch of things together, and agree on them all at once. It’s what I imagine a defense attorney feels like when the prosecution dumps a heap of discovery on them. But sure enough if you keep looking through the haystack, there is a needle you’ll find.

Item 10 is the Sutter Medical Agreement with Law Enforcement Services. It’s the adoption of a resolution to maintain 4 full time Police Officer positions for 2 years, for the total of $1,421,651, or $177,706 per officer / per year. Now we don’t have to argue about the need for police at the hospital, or even how much they get paid per year.

What’s interesting is that part of the resolution states that even if the agreement is terminated, and the positions are eliminated, there will be no adverse impact on the SPD’s operating budget.

Now you don’t have to be an accountant to understand budgeting 101 would normally mean….if you have less positions….you’d need less money…

...Apparently not when it comes to the Sacramento Police Department.

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