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Budget season is upon us


What We Know

Budget development is in full swing NOW. In April we reviewed the Sacramento BOS meeting held to discuss the yearly budget and now department budgets are being refined and adjusted, and public outreach is happening through the budget workshops. Now is the time to reach out to the Board of Supervisors and County Executive Office to advocate for investment specific social justice budget priorities - especially the People's Budget priorities: 1) a fully funded, 24/7 countywide alternative to 911 for MH call center and dispatch; and 2) deeply affordable housing, permanent supportive housing, and rental assistance.

What We Need

In June, the Board of Supervisors will have Public Hearings on the Recommended Budget. This will be another important time to call in to meetings and have strong advocacy for key priorities, to ensure that the Board of Supervisors approve a budget that meets the needs of the people.

The budget for this year was the highest it's ever been in 20 years but we're still not seeing the appropriate funds being distributed where they are needed.

It is imperative that the board includes the amount needed to fund and grow , existing/ on-going staffing and programs and help those struggling in this pandemic.

Coming Up

The New Fiscal Year Begins July 1st - and we want to see our dollars flow into our community's most pressing needs, to build back more equitably, and to help us all not only recover from the pandemic, but to thrive and your participation is essential to doing so.

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