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A victory at SJUSD!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

We have an update for y’all on what’s been going on within the San Juan Unified School District!

On July 13th, the San Juan Unified School Board held a special meeting to review the draft maps for the District’s move to by-trustee elections. The Board was considering moving to either a 5- or 7-trustee district. Previously, there were 5 members on the Board, so they were deciding on whether to keep the same number of board members, or expand to 7 members.

Want more background info? See our previous post on this issue.

In a WIN for social justice advocates, the Board voted to approve a 7-member trustee district! This is great news, and would not have been possible without all the time and effort our community spent fighting for this outcome. While stating personally preferring a 5-member Board, a couple of the Board members still chose to go with the 7-member decision, citing feedback from the community.

The map isn’t perfect, but it’s a great step! Unfortunately Citrus Heights and West Arden Arcade are still not getting the representation they deserve, but there were definitely worse versions that could have been chosen.

Stay tuned because the map will be redrawn (again) with 2020 census data, ahead of the 2022 elections.

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