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A Recap of the July 1st City Council Meeting...

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

(Thank you to Corp member Robyn Ayers for sending SJPC her report--the less snarky parts of this recap)

On July 1, Sacramento City Council met to receive updates on ongoing policing reform initiatives and consider two new proposals put forward by Mayor Steinberg in June, amidst growing calls for more dramatic reform efforts.

The new proposals, which were both adopted, included the following:

  1. Create an Inspector General position within the Office of Public Safety Accountability (OPSA) with authority to investigate officer-involved shootings and use of force resulting in serious bodily injury. The recommendations of the OPSA would be advisory and non-binding. So basically, not worth much!

  2. Develop an alternative 911 response model for calls that do not require response by police officers. The goal would be to develop response teams for mental health crises and things like domestic violence that would more adequately address the needs of those involved. Council directed $5 million which aint a hill o' beans!

The Police Review Commission provided a detailed proposal on its recommended changes to Sacramento Police Department policies ...The commission has no power but you wouldn't know it based on how long they spent discussing these changes.

Here's the real commentary by the indomitable Dr. Flo Cofer:

Narrator: We're telling a story tonight so hold your applause until the end, please!

Act I: Sacramento is dangerous. - Daniel Hahn & Rick Jennings But we have no idea why? - Entire Council & Police Department And there's no way to prevent it right? - Entire Council & Sac PD Yeah, that sounds right, so go with it. - Entire Council & Sac PD Police are all good by me. - Rick, Jeff Harris and Angelique Ashby Their job is hard. - Jeff Harris Like really hard. - Angelique Ashby

Act II: It sucks we can't give Police COVID-19 money. - Rick & Angelique So we'll give it to community programs instead. - Darrell Steinberg, Rick and Eric Guerra But we'll gaslight Advance Peace and not hire essential positions. - Larry & Angelique Don't forget Fire wastes money too. - Jay Schenirer We hired a Black woman 3 weeks ago to fix it all without any support. - Entire Council Gaslighting and scapegoating are our ideas of equity. - Entire Council I'm wearing my own campaign shirt. - Eric Guerra Act III: Police are inevitable. - Entire Council Debunked reforms will work. #8cantwait - Entire Council Wait, we have a police commission already? - Entire Council Seriously? They exist? - Entire Council And they told us stuff years ago? But we didn't listen? Whaaat? - Entire Council Council to Police Commission: New phone. Who dis? Commission to Council: we're way far behind - even the state law All I hear is we're not at 0 - Larry Carr Standard apology for sidelining committee chaired by person of color - Darrell Steinberg We need best practices for everyone (except the people with weapons). - Rick Jennings We won't change policing, but we'll pretend. - Entire Council Reimagining public safety is more police - Deputy Chief Lester Moving 911 away from police means we have to pay police more - Jeff Harris This revolution is live streamed. - Darrell Steinberg We don't know things that we could easily know if we asked. - Entire Council Act IV: A rush job will do. - Darrell Steinberg Vague ideas of where money will come from. - Darrell Steinberg Math is hard so we won't do it. - Entire Council Surprise! The member who is rarely there wasn't there for the vote. - Mindy Cuppy & the crickets The phones don't work on purpose. - Mindy Cuppy Public comment is time to check my phone - Entire Council Annoyance that the community has ideas and facts. - Darrell Steinberg But still: never listen to the people. - Entire Council We'll now have an Inspector General. Thanks to Sheriff Jones for the idea! #innovate - Darrell Steinberg And we'll look to the out of state group to reform 911 instead of @MH First which already operates in Sacramento- Entire Council Police: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 People of Sacramento: 😲😧😡🤬

Narrator: Apparently, this is Sacramento's best effort.

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