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A County Covid Divided

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

OH HUNNNNNTY - When I tell you the tea was PIPING hot during Item 35 at the Board of Supervisors 9.14 meeting

Public Comment was poppin'! The room was packed. Over flow room - filled. Phone lines - please hold. E-Comment box - you’ve got mail. The topic? Police Brutality? Gun Violence? Money Mismanagement? Mandated Vaccines?

All of the commotion was over the Board of Supervisors making a resolution to support the public health department (and acknowledge the widely accepted scientific approach to dealing with COVID). When I tell you it was Stop the Steal’s day at the BOS meeting….I mean it…...literally So Supervisor Serena and Supervisor Kennedy worked together to author this bill. Their main goal was to show the Board support for the Public Health Department, and throw shade at mask-less Supervisor Frost.

They start off the item number with COVID contraction and death rates. They go on to talk about the persecution public health staff is going through, and make clear that this resolution does not force anybody to do anything. Those waiting for public comment didn’t buy it.

Public Comment The vast majority of commenters are against the resolution. People from all walks of life - from doctors, to moms, to the average run of the mill “patriot” showed up to express their stance against the resolution. ….And it got SPICY Claims of bigotry and discrimination filled the room. Kennedy and Serna got called socio-paths - as people cheered in the background.

Cries of “DON”T TREAD ON ME” rang out over the PA system. Threats of legal action against the county, and individual supervisors spread about. Calls to add supervisors names to Newsome's Recall list (hate to break it to them how that went….) were thrown around. People in support of the resolution were few and far between. Supervisor Discussion…./ Public Comment Cont. Everyone said their piece in support of the resolution, except Supervisor Frost of course. Supervisor Desmond and Supervisor Nottoli tried to find some common ground to compromise, while Serna fiercely defended the resolution. Desmond and Nottoli pointed to the need to take into account how people will take the resolution, regardless of its intent. Desmond also pointed out that religious or cultural reasons, along with a historical mistrust of the government shouldn’t be looked down on. They also leaned on a city attorney to assure the public this resolution doesn’t take away any rights, or come with any legal liability. Frost made it pretty clear from the start that she wasn’t voting for it. In part, at least, because she votes on behalf of her constituents, and they’ve made it CRYSTAL clear how they feel about COVID guidelines.

She actually didn’t sound crazy. She pointed out that resolutions set the stage for legislation on a city and state level. Desmond backed her up on this point.

She said science is the constant exploration for more information, and she wants to keep the information coming. After doing her own research, speaking with doctors, scientists, and whistle blowers (who she invited to meet with the other supervisors) she’s decided that people need to make their own personal decisions. The council took a 30min break to wordsmith the resolution. When they came back, the crowd felt entitled to more time for public comment. When I tell you they were some chatty Karens…..

While Frost and a city attorney tried to settle the crowd down, the crowd was sure to express their unhappiness with the impending vote. The motion ultimately passed, 4-1. Frost was the only hold out.

You can listen to the amended parts of the resolution here

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