SJPC's 2022 Interns!

Meet our two new interns from Sacramento State University, Franny Dewey and Joseph Sais! We're so grateful to get the chance to learn and build with them. Together we'll continue pushing for a socially just Sacramento! 

#manyhandslightwerk #crowdsourcingpolitics


Franny Dewey 

I am a student of the world, and am committed to facing new experiences with a flexible and open attitude. I am a white, queer, single parent of two mixed kids, that has overcome and survived addiction, homelessness, and longer term domestic violence. From my experience falling to the edge of society, I saw social injustice that was intolerable, and became dedicated to opposing systemic violence. My talent for understanding and supporting all people is fueled by my passion to be of service. I am a skilled communicator, keenly aware of my own ability to create positive change, and intentional about striving to do so in all situations. I operate with a large amount of patience and am well adept at facing adversity with efficacy and determination.  I hold myself to high ethical standards and support environments of respect and dignity.

Joseph "Joey" Sais 

Joey is a 4th year Journalism- Political Science Major at Sacramento State. He is a First-Generation, Latinx, Gay male who wants to bring change to local government. He currently is Executive Vice President of Associated Students Incorporated, at Sacramento State. He also chairs their internal committee Student Social Justice and Equity Council, where he ensures that relevant issues regarding Social Justice are discussed. He hopes to run for political office in the near future, where he can use his voice to discuss issues plaguing minority groups.