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SJPC's 2022 Interns!

Meet our new crew! Robert Gonzalez is an International Relations student at Sac State who's helping us out with note-taking, Sarah Rabanales is with us through her Political Science summer internship program at Sac State, and Jacob Benitez joins us from his summer internship at McGeorge School of Law! Read on to learn more about how they identify with social justice!
We're so grateful to get the chance to learn and build with them. Together we'll continue pushing for a socially just Sacramento! 
#manyhandslightwerk #crowdsourcingpolitics

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Robert Gonzalez 

What does social justice mean to you? 

Social justice can mean a lot of different things. To some people, they just witness it, but for me, it’s personal. Social justice means to stand up, speak up, and resist institutional barriers that prevent people of color and underrepresented people from becoming successful. Social justice can look like fighting racism, homophobia, hate crimes, islamophobia, and so much more.


Why am I involved in social justice?


I’m involved in social justice because, as a person of color myself, speaking up is sometimes not enough. Social justice also means advocating and taking action. Since middle school, I have experienced hate crimes, racism, homophobia, and much more. Speaking about these issues is good, but actions are louder than words. When the people take action, the people win. 

How do you self-care to keep fighting for social justice? 


Fighting for social justice and change can feel like a full time job at times, but taking care of your mental health is just as important. The things we see in society and in social justice advocacy can be horrific. To combat this, I like to take walks at a beach or go hiking and enjoying the view. It feels great to destress and focus on you. 

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Sarah Rabanales 

What does social justice mean to you?


Social justice to me is a very complex issue that we face in America. Although our American Creed values and identifies with the ideas of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all, this country routinely oppresses various groups and fails to give them the resources and opportunities to succeed. With that said, social justice to me means equity. I believe that everyone regardless of race, gender, economic status, legal status, etc. deserves access to what we consider the 'American Dream'. Along with this, social justice also means keeping our government representatives accountable and demanding transparency. By doing this we can guarantee that no one is overseen or falls through the cracks of society. 


Why are you involved in social justice?


As a first-generation Guatemalan American growing up as the daughter of two immigrants and as a woman of color, I have myself faced fallbacks because of the color of my skin and/or because of my family's legal status. Seeing my family struggle and face discrimination invigorated me and led me to pursue a degree in Political Science. Through my own experiences and education, I have become passionate for the fight towards social justice and believe my unique upbringing led me to this path. 

How do you self-care to keep fighting for social justice?


Although I am passionate for the fight for social justice, I am also very passionate about animals and animal rescue. I find a lot of self-care to continue the fight for social justice by taking care of and spending time with my two rescue dogs and three rescue guinea pigs. I have also found a lot of self-care by exercising and doing yoga whenever I can. 

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Jacob Benitez



What does social justice mean to you? 

Social justice means equity in regard to rights and opportunities regardless of ethnicity, privilege, or any other social construct. To move forward as a society, it is essential that prejudice and discrimination be eradicated from our everyday form of living.  

Why are you involved in social justice? 

I believe that injustices in our community must be remedied. I do not believe we should accept living in a world where people are unjustly wronged. We should not accept being treated differently for looking or acting in a way that makes us diverse. I believe our differences should be embraced and celebrated. I have seen families in need of legal help and unable to find it. I strive to become a lawyer and serve the underrepresented individuals of the Sacramento community.  


How do you self care to keep fighting for social justice? 

Taking care of our mental health is vital to our well-being. To unwind, I like to play soccer and basketball and spend time outdoors. When I'm not outside, I like to play chess and binge watch Netflix.  

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